CrimethInc.-kollektiivin jäsen esitelmöi graafisesta suunnittelusta radikaalissa propagandassa 29.12.

Posted on joulukuu 21, 2011



A member of the CrimethInc ex-Workers’ Collective visits from theUnited States to share insight on the role of the design and presentation of outreach texts for anti-authoritarian projects and campaigns. How can radical politics inform the use of typography, motif, and medium? Likewise, how can the designers’ craft illuminate useful strategies and tactics for radical organizing?

This lecture and slideshow presentation will deconstruct several campaigns – Steal Something From Work DayWORKFighting for our LivesRolling Thunder; and various posters and pamphlets from the CrimethInc. Collective — and offer a critical analysis with respect to their efficacy and their aesthetic arguments. Afterwards, our presenter will facilitate a conversation around local organizing efforts, and share free copies of posters and pamphlets highlighted in the slideshow.

Tyler Reinhard is a graphic designer from the United Statesand is a member of the CrimethInc. ex-Workers’ Collective and anarchist organizer. For the last seven years, he has spent most of his design career volunteering for an assortment anarchist campaigns and working for related projects, among them: 14 issues of a monthly anarchist journal in his hometown; Anpao Duta: Dakota Journal of Decolonization; Letters Journal; and the WORK poster.


Tavataan 29. joulukuuta klo 16 Finlaysoninkujan ja Finlaysoninkadun risteyksessä, josta siirrytään sisätiloihin. Esitelmä on englanniksi, mutta tulkkausta on saatavilla ainakin suomeksi. Tervetuloa!

Tilaisuus järjestetään myös Turussa 21. ja Helsingissä 30. joulukuuta.